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Wells-next-the-Sea RNLI Lifeboat Station houses an all-weather lifeboat and an inshore lifeboat to save lives and assist with emergencies around Wells and off the North Norfolk coast. Manned by volunteer crews, the boats are ready to launch within minutes, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. This website will tell you more about the station and give you a taste of what we do and the traditions of the lifeboat service.

Recent Services

22 June 2016

Late on Sunday 19th, the 27' yacht Corumba with 2 persons onboard experienced engine failure whilst on passage off Blakeney Overfalls and contacted Humber Coastguard requesting a tow to Wells harbour. As it was approaching low water with no prospect of bringing the yacht into Wells until the morning tide, and having ascertained that the casualty was in no immediate danger, it was decided to launch on the first of the flood tide on Monday 20th.

The crew were paged at 04:22 and the all-weather launched at 04:47 and proceeded outward to rendezvous with the Corumba which had tried to sail toward Wells during the night but had not really made much headway toward the shore. The lifeboat arrived on scene at 05:32 and placed a crewmember onboard who attached the lifeboat's tow line. The tow commenced at 05:45 and the yacht was safely secured on the Wells Harbour town pontoons at 07:25.The lifeboat then returned to station and was ashore and in the process of being recovered at 07:40.

Weather Cloudy Visibility Good Wind SW 4 Sea Slight-Moderate

15 June 2016

While on a routine training exercise the ILB was notified by Humber Coastguard at 15:55 that a 999 call had been received from the dory Sea Skater. The vessel with two persons on-board had suffered engine failure south of Blakeney Wreck and required assistance. With the ILB in close proximity, the lifeboat was alongside the casualty at 16:00 and a tow soon established for passage to Morston quay. Arriving at 16:42 the Sea Skater was moored safely alongside. The ILB arrived back at station in heavy thundery rain and hail at 17:07 was re-housed, re-fuelled and ready for service at 17:30.

Weather Part Cloud & Thundery Showers Visibility Good but poor in showers Wind ENE 3 Sea Slight

Sheringham lifeboat puts a Wells crew member onto the yacht Amanda at Blakney, 15 June 2016

Sheringham lifeboat transferring a Wells crew member onto the yacht
Amanda, 15 June 2016

Amanda being towed towards Wells, 15 June 2016

Passing the tow line, 15 June 2016

Amanda being towed towards Wells, 15 June 2016

Wells lifeboat towing Amanda off Blakeney spit, 15 June 2016

Amanda towed into Wells harbour, 15 June 2016

Arriving in Wells during a brief but heavy thunderstorm, 15 June 2016

15 June 2016

Humber Coastguard requested the all-weather lifeboat to assist the Sheringham lifeboat which had been launched to the yacht Amanda with one person on-board after the vessel had fouled her propeller approximately one mile north of the town and the skipper had requested a tow to Wells to be able to effect repairs. Launching at 14:50 the lifeboat met with the Sheringham lifeboat at 15:20 off Blakeney, where one crew member was transferred to the Amanda. With the tow transferred at 15:35, Sheringham lifeboat was released and Wells Lifeboat began the passage back to Wells harbour. Arriving at Wells cardinal mark at 16:35 in heavy thundery rain and hail, the casualty was taken to the quayside pontoons and moored safely alongside at 17:04. The ALB returned to station and was re-housed, re-fuelled and ready for service at 18:45.

Weather Part Cloud & Thundery Showers Visibility Good but poor in showers Wind ENE 3 Sea Slight

Jenny safely back in Wells harbour under tow of the Wells Lifeboat, 5 June 2016

Wells lifeboat towing Jenny into Wells harbour, 5 June 2016

5 June 2016

At 00:14 on Sunday 5th, Humber Coastguard requested a launch to a Mayday call from the 5m yacht Jenny with one person on board which had got into difficulty between Wells and Cromer and was in danger of capsizing. The crew were paged at 00:19 as was the Cromer lifeboat. The all-weather lifeboat left the boathouse at 00:37 for a low water launch in Holkham Bay. The lifeboat launched at 01:10 and proceeded toward the casualty which had run aground on the NE side of Blakeney Point. The Cromer lifeboat was on scene at 01:20 and by this time the vessel's skipper had left the yacht and managed to get ashore after some difficulty in the surf which prompted the Coastguard helicopter from Humberside to be scrambled.

The Wells lifeboat continued toward the casualty and rendezvoused with the Cromer lifeboat. At 02:30 it was decided to wait till daylight to see if the stranded yacht could be re-floated on the flood tide. At 04:30 the yacht had re-floated and with the assistance of the local Coastguard team, the Cromer lifeboat took the craft into tow. The tow was then transferred to the Wells lifeboat which had transferred two crew members onto the yacht for the passage back to Wells. Before entering the harbour at 06:05 and with a slight swell on the bar the crew on-board the Jenny deployed the survivor's drogue as it was found the vessel had suffered damage to its rudder in the grounding and had no steerage. The yacht was placed on a harbour mooring at 06:20 and the lifeboat was re-housed, re-fuelled and ready again for service at 07:30.

Weather Cloudy Visibility Moderate Wind N 3 Sea Slight

28 May 2016

Humber Coastguard requested the launch of the ILB to assist a woman who had suffered an arm injury at Titchwell inlet approximately three quarters of a mile west of Brancaster Golf Club. A paramedic was in attendance but, due to the location, tide height and lack of vehicular access, had asked for lifeboat assistance to extract the casualty from the beach. The ILB launched at 11:58 and arrived on scene at 12:25 where the crew were informed by the paramedic that he suspected the casualty had fractured and dislocated her arm after jumping out of a boat onto the beach. He was also concerned that his supplies of painkilling drugs were running low. Following discussion, it was thought the best course of action was to place the casualty in a basket stretcher and transport her to the access point by the Brancaster Golf Clubhouse. With the local Coastguard team standing by at the clubhouse the ILB left the scene at 12:28 to collect their basket stretcher. On returning and with the casualty, paramedic and two crewmembers on-board, the lifeboat departed at 13:14 to make a slow passage back to the clubhouse and an awaiting ambulance. As there was no room in the boat, the third crewmember made his way back on foot. Carefully beaching the lifeboat and with the assistance of the Coastguard team, the casualty was carried over the beach and handed into the care of the ambulance crew at 13:20. The ILB returned to station at 13:59 was re-housed, re-fuelled and ready again for service at 14:27.

Weather Fine Visibility Good Wind NE 2/3 Sea Slight

17 May 2016

A launch request was received from Humber Coastguard to assist the 22ft yacht Hobo with two persons on-board which had grounded NE of Brancaster wreck following an engine failure. Initially the all-weather lifeboat was requested but due to the casualty's position and an ebbing tide it was decided that the ILB would be better suited to the task. Launching from the boathouse at 17:32 the ILB proceeded to Brancaster harbour. Prior to arrival, the local Coastguard team observing from Brancaster beach reported that the Hobo had managed to gain deeper water and was underway having re-started its engine. The ILB was requested to continue and to escort vessel into harbour in case of further difficulty. Arriving on scene at 17:57 and with no further incident, the ILB assisted to secure the vessel to a mooring at 18:42. The lifeboat returned to station at 19:21 and was re-housed, re-fuelled and ready for service at 19:42.

Weather Fine Visibility Good Wind SW 2/3 Sea Slight

Latest News

Walking the North Norfolk coastpath for the RNLI

Sat 4 Jun 2016

Tracy Mcgivern and Hazey Coker at the boathouse today

Tracy Mcgivern and Hazey Coker at the boathouse today

Hazey tries the helm on the all-weather lifeboat

Hazey tries the helm on the all-weather lifeboatTM

Hazey Coker and Tracy Mcgivern stopped by the boathouse today halfway into their 47 mile North Norfolk coast path walk to raise funds for the RNLI. The dynamic duo, who have no real history of hiking or camping, set off from Cromer on Friday and aim to complete their walk on Sunday 5th at Hunstanton, having camped over at Stiffkey and Burnham Deepdale and visited one or two pubs and eateries on the way.

You can read more, with lots of great pics, on their Facebook page at or support their efforts at their GoFundMe page or if you bump into them on the walk.

We really appreciate their support and wish them all the best with the rest of the walk...

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Wells Shannon
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After 17 months fund-raising, we reached our target to raise £250,000 towards a new Shannon-class lifeboat for Wells and the North Norfolk coast.

We are hugely grateful to everyone who has donated, fund-raised, helped and supported us both locally and from right across the UK and even further afield. Your contribution is appreciated and will help to save lives and keep our volunteeer crews safe in the years to come.

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And here's just some of the people and events that helped to make it happen... thank you page

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