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Coxswains of Wells Lifeboat


1869 - 1875 Coxswain R Smith
1875 - 1879Coxswain H Hinson
1879 - 1880Coxswain R W Elsdon
1880 - 1896Coxswain H Hinson
1896 - 1905Coxswain W Crawford
1905 - 1917Coxswain T Stacey
1917 - 1933Coxswain W Grimes
1933 - 1947Coxswain T Neilsen
1947 - 1960Coxswain W Cox
1960 - 1986Coxswain D J Cox
1986 - 1989Coxswain A T Jordan
1989 - 1997Coxswain G B Walker
1997 - 2018Coxswain A D Frary
2018 - dateCoxswain N King


R W Elsden
Coxswain R W Elsdon 1879 - 1880
(From a family portrait, aged about 25)

H Hinson
Coxswain H Hinson 1875 - 1879 and 1880 - 1896

T Stacey
Coxswain T Stacey 1905 - 1917

W Grimes
Coxswain W Grimes 1917 - 1933

T Neilson
Coxswain T Neilson 1933 - 1947

W Cox
Coxswain W Cox 1947 - 1960

D J Cox
Coxswain D J Cox 1960 - 1986

Tony Jordan
Coxswain A T Jordan 1986 - 1989

Graham Walker
Coxswain G B Walker 1989 - 1997

Allen Frary
Coxswain A D Frary 1997 - 2018

Nicky King
Coxswain N King 2018 - date


Exercise Launches

Our crew will be training with our new Shannon 13-46 in the coming weeks. You are welcome to come and see the lifeboat launch from a safe distance on the beach bank or beach; please keep clear of the lifeboat and SLRS and keep children and dogs under supervision. Exercises and training will be ad-hoc but we will try to post dates in advance when we can. All dates are subject to change for operational reasons.

Sunday 4 Dec 2022 08:30
Launch & Recovery practice, Holkham beach

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