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Coxswains of Wells Lifeboat


1869 - 1875 Coxswain R Smith
1875 - 1879Coxswain H Hinson
1879 - 1880Coxswain R W Elsdon
1880 - 1896Coxswain H Hinson
1896 - 1905Coxswain W Crawford
1905 - 1917Coxswain T Stacey
1917 - 1933Coxswain W Grimes
1933 - 1947Coxswain T Neilsen
1947 - 1960Coxswain W Cox
1960 - 1986Coxswain D J Cox
1986 - 1989Coxswain A T Jordan
1989 - 1997Coxswain G B Walker
1997 - 2018Coxswain A D Frary
2018 - dateCoxswain N King


R W Elsden
Coxswain R W Elsdon 1879 - 1880
(From a family portrait, aged about 25)

H Hinson
Coxswain H Hinson 1875 - 1879 and 1880 - 1896

T Stacey
Coxswain T Stacey 1905 - 1917

W Grimes
Coxswain W Grimes 1917 - 1933

T Neilson
Coxswain T Neilson 1933 - 1947

W Cox
Coxswain W Cox 1947 - 1960

D J Cox
Coxswain D J Cox 1960 - 1986

Tony Jordan
Coxswain A T Jordan 1986 - 1989

Graham Walker
Coxswain G B Walker 1989 - 1997

Allen Frary
Coxswain A D Frary 1997 - 2018

Nicky King
Coxswain N King 2018 - date


Exercise Launches

Our next scheduled exercise launches are shown below. You are welcome to come and watch the lifeboats launch on the beach at the front of the lifeboat house... but please ensure you keep well to one side and that children are supervised. Exercises may be cancelled or rescheduled at short notice due to operational reasons.

Exercises and training cancelled until further notice due to COVID-19 restrictions

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