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New Boathouse Build

Wells' new boathouse from the ground up...

Work has started on building our new boathouse on the end of the beach bank in preparation for our forthcoming Shannon class lifeboat. Initial work in September has been preparing the site and raising the ground level on the beach where the building will be built on a concrete slab, prior to piling works for the new ramp.

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Artist's impression of new boathouse for Wells RNLI
Crew members and station officials, past and present, on the beach at the start of building work, 8/9/20
Work begins on site... clearing the ground and base of the beach bank, 9/9/20
Work begins on site... clearing the ground and base of the beach bank, 9/9/20
Raising the level of the site, 17/9/20
Good progress on placing dredged fill material to bring site up to level in preparation for piling, 24/9/20
Building up the site level with fill material is complete and it has been compacted and trimmed to create a delivery bay, a crane mat and a ramp. Plant and materials are scheduled to start arriving on site from Monday 5th October with deliveries of the crane, piling rig and piles for the new lifeboat ramp to the North, 2/10/20
Piling materials arriving on site, 6/10/20
Plant and materials ready for start of piling for the ramp to the north, 6/10/20
First pile for the ramp being driven into the beach, 9/10/20
And onto the second... 9/10/20

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