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Handing over to the new boathouse

Wells RNLI transferred operations from its 127 year old lifeboat station on Wells beach to the new boathouse nearby on the beach bank on Sunday 13/11/22. The Mersey was moved from the old boathouse and joined the Shannon and inshore lifeboat on the beach for photographs with crew past and present as well as families and friends. In a short ceremony attended by station president Lord Leicester, the eldest members of the station present lowered the flag on the old building and it was then raised by retired Hon Sec Richard Cracknell on the new.

Our thanks to Chris Taylor for coming to photograph the handover. More pictures of the day by Chris can be seen (and prints ordered) on his website

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Lord Leicester, Peter Rainsford, Martin Emerson and Richard Cracknell wait to raise it on the new boathouse 13 minutes 46 seconds later
At 12:03, Billy Scoles, Fred Whitaker and Phil Eaglen lower the flag on the old boathouse for the last time
An empty boat hall in the old boathouse
Talus drivers past and present
A last lifeboat family gathering outside the old boathouse
Head launchers and drivers for the SLRS rig
Current crew plus Lifeboat Operations Manager and newly trained team of SLRS wranglers with 13-46
Current crew (and future Shannon crew) with 13-46
Everyone with the new era of Wells lifeboat;Shannon-class 'Duke of Edinburgh' and the new boathouse
12-003 with crew and launchers past and present beside the 1985 boathouse
All three boats and both boathouses plus crew, family and friends together on the beach
All three lifeboats plus crew past and present, families and friends assembled to mark the occasion
Shannon and Mersey together on the beach
Mersey on the back beach with the old boathouse
The Mersey leaves the old boathouse for the last time
Mersey leaves its home of 32 years... and an end of 127 years service for the building
The Mersey leaves the old boathouse for the last time
The Mersey leaves the old boathouse for the last time
The Mersey will remain the operational boat but the old boathouse is to be decomissioned and dismantled
12-003 leaves the old boathouse for the last time

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