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Farewell to the Mersey

The station's Mersey-class 12-003 RNLB Doris M Mann of Ampthill was launched from the site of the old boathouse for a final exercise on Saturday 11th February 2023, the boat acting as a casualty vessel so that the crew could practice towing with the new Shannon. The Mersey was then moored up in the outer harbour so that it could be run up to the quayside on Sunday 12th to say farewell to the town after 32 years service here. Blakeney Old Wild Rovers entertained a crowd on the quayside and both the ILB and Hunstanton Lifeboat ran alongside. The Mersey finally left Wells on 20th February, six of her longest serving crew taking her by sea from Wells to Lowestoft

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Tied up at Lowestoft
12-003 and crew at Lowestoft
Heading east from Wells
Off heading east along the Norfolk coast
White parachute flares fired off Wells as a goodbye gesture
Wells' departing Mersey heads out over the bar
Second Coxswain Mark Frary and Coxswain Nicky King heading out of Wells
A nod to the town and then a run past the site of the old boathouse
Mersey leaving Wells for retirement with Wells volunteer crew
Leaving the outer harbour
Sitting in the sunshine the evening before, ready to depart
Blakeney Old Wild Rovers entertaining the crowd
Lifeboat crew join the Blakeney Old Wild Rovers on stage
Alongside at the quay
Mersey tieing up at the quay
Arriving to a crowd on the quayside
Hunstanton Lifeboat alongside the Mersey in the quay
Mersey approaching pontoons
A crowded Mersey lifeboat arriving at the quaysude
Mersey-class and inshore lifeboat running up to the quay
Alongside tow with Shannon and Mersey
Alongside tow with Shannon and Mersey
Mersey and Shannon heading out to repeat the exercise with different crew members
Mersey and Shannon together
Old and new Wells lifeboats together as the tow is rearranged alongside prior to berthing in the outer harbour
The Mersey acting as casualty vessel for the Shannon's first towing exercise at Wells
Mersey launching for her last exercise
Ready to launch from the site of her old boathouse
The Talus pushes the Mersey up the steep step onto the old boathouse ramp to launch for her last exercise

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