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Shannon and SLRS training

Getting ready for the new Shannon and SLRS launching carriage 2022

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Turning the Shannon around
Hauling the Shannon onto the carriage; far enough for the centre of gravity to be over the turntable
Guiding the SLRS in to connect the winch rope
Beaching 13-40 for a recovery on the north side after a day's training at sea
A more awkward recovery... the Shannon deliberately beached at slow speed so the SLRS has to haul it clear of the water
SLRS getting ready to recover the lifeboat on the south side
Emerging from the water...
SLRS wading round from the boathouse for a recovery on the south side
SLRS wading round from the boathouse for a recovery on the south side
SLRS wading round from the boathouse for a recovery on the south side
SLRS wading round from the boathouse for a recovery on the south side
Maximum depth... SLRS wading round from the new boathouse for a recovery on the south side
A haul-out demonstration showing that if needs be the SLRS can drag the Shannon to a safe place for recovery
Training stops for lunch on a rainy day on Holkham beach
Coming ashore onto Holkham beach at 18kts
Launching from Holkham beach
Launching in the rain from Hokkham beach
Returning to the boathouse, wading at the edge of the channel on the flood tide
Back on the SLRS
Waiting to be picked up by the SLRS
Launching from Holkham beach
Change of crew on Holkham beach
Launching from the SLRS off Holkham Beach
13-40 back on the carriage, getting ready to be turned
Winching the lifeboat back onto the SLRS
Recovering on the north side for the first time, the SLRS wades into the tide to check the depth and ground before the boat is beached
Bow strop released by the coxswain and the boat slides off the SLRS
Taking the rig in deep enough to launch 13-40
A first launch inside the harbour at the bottom of the ALB ramp
Relief lifeboat and SLRS leaving the boathouse
Relief lifeboat 13-40 in position in the new boathouse during training
The first Shannon and SLRS onto the new ALB ramp
13-40 en-route to the ALB ramp
13-40 sets off for the new ALB ramp at the new boathouse
13-40 on the SLRS
Hauling 13-40 onto the SLRS carriage
13-40 comes ashore in the outer harbour ready to be recovered onto the SLRS
Relief Shannon 13-40 arriving in the outer harbour at Wells
13-40 arriving in Wells
Relief Shannon class 13-40 'Eric's Legend' arrives in Wells after a passage from Wisbech
SLRS driver training part 1 completed; Wells drivers above and RNLI Shannon rollout team below
Taking the rig out again
Wells' tractor driver Ray West takes the controls
SLRS inside the new boathouse
It fits! SLRS unit inside the new boathouse
SLRS entering the new boathouse for the first time
SLRS entering the new boathouse for the first time
SLRS outside the new boathouse
SLRS climbing up onto the back beach for driver training
Negotiating the difficult beach terrain from the ALB ramp to the beach east of the new boathouse
Driver training outside the new boathouse
Driving practice to the east of the new boathouse
The SLRS safely delivered to its temporary home on the ALB ramp until the boathouse is finished
SLRS on the new ALB launching ramp
The SLRS on the new ALB launching ramp for the first time
Work still going on on the new boathouse as the SLRS arrives
Negotiating the narrow path onto the beach bank, past the new boathouse and down onto the beach
With the carriage added, the SLRS begins the awkward journey from the road to the beach
SLRS tractor with Wells' tractor drive Ray West waiting for the carriage to arrive
The SLRS tractor, named 'Patricia Jean Bettany' drives carefully off the low loader
This is Wells' own brand new SLRS tractor, not a practice or training unit
The tractor unit arrives first, the carriage being transported separately because of its size
It's here... RNLI coastal support team and Wells' new SLRS tractor arrive on the Beach Road

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